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Seniors Festival 2017

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2013-2016 Disability Access and Action Plan

Aged and DisAbility Services at Horsham Rural City Council provides a range of services to support and assist the frail aged, people with moderate disabilities, and their carers to remain living independently in their homes.

All persons referring for the service will have a Living at Home Assessment, and if council services are to be implemented.  They will be implemented through an "Active Service Model" approach.  The focus will be on short term services with the aim of increasing and returning independence.

Home Care, Personal Care, Respite, Meals on Wheels and Home Maintenance services can be provided.

Referrals are received by the Living at Home Assessment Officer from individuals, families, friends, GP or health services.

It is to be noted that we have a waiting time for the Home Care services. People will be assessed and prioritised as low, medium or high.

Disabled Parking Permits are available at Council with a nominal charge. All people applying for a permit are required to visit their Doctor and have an application form verifying their eligibility for a disability parking permit completed prior to presenting to Council offices for the permit.  Individual Permits are issued for a 3 year time frame.

Senior Citizens - Horsham Rural City Council has two Clubs, Horsham Senior Citizens and Natimuk Senior Citizens clubs. The clubs provide an opportunity for socialisation, meals and activities.

For more infomation, please call 03 5382 9795.

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