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We often take pictures of our landscape, positioning the lens to frame an image, capturing the essence of the moment or the beauty of the landscape. It could be the silos upon the Wimmera Plains or the sunset at Mt Zero... what if you had a site that was already framed?

In 2005, Nati Frinj festival founder and local artist Dr. Greg Pritchard installed a large wooden frame outside Natimuk that framed Mt Arapiles. It has since become a local tourist attraction. Journalist Kim Smee described the frame in an article for The Age as "the most beautiful work of art I've ever seen."

Inspired by the success of this installation, Horsham Rural City Council's Public Art Committee have commissioned four new structural frames to frame outstanding views of the municipality. The locations of the Frames can be seen below and a brochure is available from the Horsham Visitor Information Centre.

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