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An Extensive Infrastructure Network

The new Wimmera Intermodal Freight Hub is critical for the Wimmera Mallee Region – one of the world's largest grain, pulse and oilseed growing regions exporting 60 per cent of its products. The 33.5 hectare modern terminal provides a central location for container grain handling and grain processors.

By working closely with its community, Horsham Rural City Council has formulated a vision for how the city can develop and the future that we can create for residents, businesses and visitors.

An Economically Thriving City

The industry diversity in our city creates a business environment for success today and potential for future development. While existing sectors continue to thrive and grow, new and emerging sectors add strength and vitality to the business landscape.

Horsham Economic Development Strategy 2017-2021

Horsham Economic Development Strategy

Horsham EDS Background Paper


Prime Investment Locations

Council is committed to generating public and private sector investment opportunities for the future. Our intention is to create an investment environment that is attractive and flexible, one that delivers sustainable outcomes for the investor, for business and the community.

Horsham is a provincial leader for industry and business development within Victoria, reflected by new hospitals, new grain research facilities, new industrial estates, upgraded racing facilities, new grain storage and processing works, new saleyards, new education services, new housing estates and fully serviced industrial land.

Wimmera Development Association is a regional economic development body based in Horsham, providing a vital link between industry and government, with a proven track record in attracting new investments. It is based at Council's Wimmera Business Centre, a small business incubator providing a full range of business support.

The Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline now guarantees high quality and secure water to meet the region's long-term needs. The project was the largest water infrastructure project in Australia, replacing 18,000 kilometres of inefficient earthen channel with 9,159 kilometres of pressurized pipeline.

The Wimmera is the best performing dryland cropping region in Australia, supported by the acclaimed Grains Innovation Park, a national research centre for breeding pulses and pre-breeding research in cereals and oilseeds.

Horsham is the agricultural research centre of southern Australia.

Horsham is home to a large number of established manufacturing companies including metal casting, air movement, furniture, plastics, engineering and steel fabrication which have formed a Manufacturing Network to support their sector.

Horsham's diverse skill base is a platform for businesses to develop wide ranging and effective business activities.


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