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All proposed works within the road reserve require a permit to be taken out; these include Vehicle Crossing Construction, Occupation of Road and Footpath, Road Openings, Hoardings & Overhead Awnings and Development & Planting within Road Reserve. The appropriate form must be filled out along with a drawing or description of the proposed works to be assessed for approval.

Vehicle Crossing Construction

The construction of a new crossover or additions/ alterations to the existing needs to be applied for and a drawing of the proposed crossover submitted for approval. Although a crossover is constructed on Council land, it is to be constructed and maintained at the owners cost.

Download the Vehicle Crossing Specifications

Road Opening Permits

All works that involve the opening of the road reserve require a permit be taken out and the appropriate fees to be paid. Road opening permits will usually be taken out for water main tapping and/or service authority works. 

Please contact Josh Hammond, Contracts and Assets Officer on 03 5382 9742 or 0417 861 127 to obtain a permit.

Permit Applications Forms are available at Council Offices' Technical Services desk (right-hand side of the building), 18 Roberts Ave, Horsham. 

You can view the fees and charges here

Development and Planting within the Road Reserve

Any proposed development, planting or structures within the road reserve need to be assessed and approved by Council. A detailed drawing showing the proposed alterations is to be submitted to Council along with the relevant permit fee.

For Planting within the Road Reserve, please contact our Recreation and Sustainability Manager on 03 5382 9777. 

For all other developments, please contact our Assets Engineer on 03 5382 9777. 

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