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Free E-waste Dropoff

Do you have a television or computer that you don't use anymore? We can help!

Through the National Stewardship Program,Council is offering a FREE recycling service for households and small businesses to dispose of unwanted televisions, computers and computer products  (such as printers, keyboards and mice), regardless of their brand or age. All you need to do with your product is "drop it off".

Where can I drop off?

At the following Transfer Stations:

  • Horsham (Kenny Rd)   
  • Quantong
  • Mount Zero                        
  • Toolondo
  • Pimpinio     
  • Jung

Click here for hours of operation.

What can I drop off?

You can drop off free-of-charge household and small business items as listed below. A limit of 15 items per drop off applies. Under no circumstances will products be returned once disposed of.

Television Drop Offs - what's accepted

The types of products covered under the program may include (but are not limited to):

  • All televisions, such as CRTs, Plasma, LCD and Projection televisions
  • Computer Drop Offs - what's accepted
  • Personal Computers
  • Laptops, notebooks, palmtops and tablets
  • Computer monitors
  • Parts for personal computers- for example internal hard drives, motherboards, cards, internal power supplies,CPUs, DVD and CD drives
  • Computer peripherals- for example mice, keyboards, joysticks, game pads, scanners  & web cameras
  • Printers- for example ink-jet, dot matrix, laser printers and multi-functionaI devices

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have saved and deleted any personal data and documents before taking your product to a Drop Zone. Products cannot be returned once disposed of at a Drop Zone.

What's not accepted?

  • Mobile Phones
  • Game Consoles (such as Microsoft Xbox's or Sony Playstation's)
  • Video Recorders  
  • DVD players   
  • Radios & Stereos
  • Power tools       
  • Appliances & Microwaves
  • Products that have been exposed to radiation, biological or chemical hazard

Electronic waste (E-waste) Facts

It is estimated Australians generate around 125,000 tonnes of E-waste per year. E-waste can contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent, chromium and brominated fire retardants. If these items are disposed of in landfill these hazardous materials can leach into our aquatic systems, causing long term environmental and health consequences.

For further information contact our Municipal Depot on 03 5382 9600.
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