Investing in Horsham

Firebrace Street Horsham

Investing in Horsham 

Horsham Rural City is well placed to accommodate new business and investment through the regions competitive strengths including:

  • Geographic location - the mid-point between Melbourne and Adelaide
  • Water security - access to the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline
  • Land availability and affordability
  • Road and rail infrastructure, including three major highways and the Wimmera Intermodal Freight Terminal (WIFT) Precinct

Council Development Projects

Horsham Rural City Council is managing a range of strategies and projects that will enhance the local economy and provide opportunities for new and existing businesses.

Industrial Land

Horsham is well positioned to accommodate industrial businesses that require both smaller and larger vacant parcels of land.

There is ample industrial zoned land in the Council area, particularly in the Burnt Creek Industrial Estate to the South East, Enterprise Estate on Plumpton Road, and Golf Course Road to the South.

Economic Infrastructure

Horsham is highly serviced by significant road and rail infrastructure, providing a major advantage for regional freight and passenger transport.

The Horsham township is located at the junction of three highways: The Western Highway, Wimmera Highway and Henty Highway. These highways provide vital links to Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as the regional cities of Ballarat and Bendigo.

The Wimmera Intermodal Freight Terminal (WIFT) located in Dooen, transformed the efficient transportation of grain handling and storage in the Wimmera. WIFT is a major drawcard for new agriculture businesses looking to establish in the Wimmera.

Horsham Aerodrome is a CASA registered aerodrome owned and operated by Horsham Rural City Council. The Aerodrome comprises a total area of approximately 50 hectares (area inclusive of privately owned facilities of Horsham Aviation Services) and is generally ‘L’ shaped to encompass the two runways.

Horsham is a strong retail and commercial activity center, servicing the rural city and the wider Wimmera region.

Commercial Real Estate

Horsham has a number of real estate agencies who can assist businesses to find suitable options for new or expanding businesses to locate their activity in the city.

Currently advertised properties

Alternatively contact Horsham Rural City Councils Economic Development Department for assistance.