Age Friendly Communities

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Age friendly communities are places where older people live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved. Healthy ageing is the ability to live an active safe and socially inclusive lifestyle. In 2017 Horsham Rural City Council received a grant to support their development as an age friendly place.

When looking at the age friendliness of a place, we consider

  • Public spaces that are accessible i.e. roads, footpaths, buildings, club rooms
  • Public spaces including cultural venues and green spaces that meet a broad range of interests and needs
  • Housing that is appropriate, meets older people’s needs and is affordable
  • Transportation to enable people to stay independent and participate
  • Social Participation opportunities that meet a broad range of needs and interests
  • Opportunities to contribute that interest people including the opportunity to volunteer, work in paid employment.

For more information please contact the Age Friendly Communities Project Officer on (03) 5382 9777 or