Wimmera Rural Access


The aim of Rural Access is to build the capacity of local communities across The Wimmera covering West Wimmera, Yarriambiack, Hindmarsh and Horsham Council areas in the West of Victoria. The main focus is access and inclusion for all and reducing barriers to people of all abilities.

Rural Access is a partnership initiative between the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and Local Government. 

Rural Access objectives

There are five main objectives of Rural Access:

  • To support people with disabilities to participate in community life
  • To build and strengthen the ways in which the local community supports people with disabilities and their families 
  • To ensure that local planning and services engage and involve people with disabilities and their families, disability service providers and community groups 
  • To work with disability support providers to help them to support people with disabilities and their families
  • To ensure that people with disabilities can access information about relevant services and activities in their community

Further information

NDIS Gap Analysis Report(PDF, 1MB)

Public Access, Technology Use Gap Analysis Report (PDF, 1MB)