Business Classifications

Food businesses are classified into four classifications based on the risk to food safety for the activities being undertaken. These are:

Class 1:(PDF, 333KB) Food Premises that handle unpackaged high risk foods for sale to vulnerable persons. For example, hospitals, child care centres and aged care services.

Class 2:(PDF, 334KB)  Food premises that handle unpackaged high risk foods for sale to members of the public. For example: Cafés, Restaurants, food vehicles.

Class 3:(PDF, 331KB)  Food Premises that handle unpackaged low risk foods and pre-packaged high risk foods requiring refrigeration. For Example, Service stations, warehouses and distributors.

Class 4:(PDF, 330KB) Food Premises that handle pre-packaged low risk foods or conduct food handling activities exempt by the Department of Health. For example: packaged alcohol, packaged chips and confectionery.

Food handling activities that have been deemed to be Class 4 are:

  • Whole uncut fruit and vegetables
  • Wine tastings
  • Packaged cakes without cream
  • Low risk food including cut fruit at a sessional kindergarten or child care
  • Simple sausage sizzle where the sausages are cooked and served immediately and only serving sausages, bread, onions and sauce. Hamburgers and other high risk food are not included. 

Premises that are Class 1, 2 or 3 must be registered with Council, however Class 4 do not require registration but must notify Council that they are selling food.