Annual Action Plan 2023-2024

Council’s draft Annual Action Plan (AAP) for the 2023-24 financial year is now open for community feedback.

The draft plan was presented to Council at its monthly meeting on 27 February 2023. Following the consultation period, Council will review and approve a final version, and use the document throughout the financial year to help guide its priorities, projects and activities.

The Annual Action Plan is an important feature of Council’s ongoing commitment to good governance, by promoting accountability and transparency through community engagement.

About the Annual Action Plan

This one-year plan is renewed annually, and sits within a broader framework set by Council’s four-year Council Plan (including the Health and Wellbeing Plan), and its twenty-year Community Vision.

The Council Plan and Community Vision were developed through deliberations and consultation with a Community Panel in 2021, and may be viewed on Council’s Publications page.

The draft AAP was developed in consultation with councillors, management and staff. It identifies actions that align to the priorities and initiatives in our Council Plan, and sets out performance measures and expected timeframes.

The document is open for community feedback until 5 pm, Friday 31 March. Submissions can be made via email to using the subject "Action Plan 2023-24" or in writing to "Action Plan 2023-24" PO Box 511, HORSHAM VIC 3402