Green Lake Water Way Rules Review

A speed boat stationary on green lake

Green Lake is highly valued by a range of recreational users for sailing, swimming, rowing, water-skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, fishing and (seasonal) duck hunting. The lake hosts the Horsham Yacht Club and Water sports and the Natimuk Water Ski Club. It is also important for its cultural heritage and environmental values.

This review relates only to the rules for activities on the water. This includes the direction of travel for powered craft and designated areas for boating restrictions such as the swimming area. It doesn't include the provision of water for the lake or the facilities on the foreshore of the lake, such as toilets, barbecues or picnic shelters. 

The current rules are in need of review to ensure they reflect contemporary standards and provide a safe waterway for all users.

There will be a Community Open House to:

  • view the current waterway rules for Green Lake 
  • tell us how you use the lake and what you value about the lake
  • give feedback on any issues or tensions you may have with the current rules and any opportunities you see for the rule review

This is a drop-in session where you are invited to come along at any time between 12.30pm-2pm and 4.00pm-6.30pm on Thursday 30 June at the Reception Room at The Civic Centre, 18 Roberts Avenue Horsham.

If you are unable to make these sessions and would like to provide feedback, please contact Emily Davies via or call Dale Schmid on 0428 407 184