Horsham Rural Transport Network Plan

Natimuk Hamilton Road works

Horsham Rural City Council is undertaking a detailed review of its rural road network to develop a rural road network plan. Council has identified community representatives from across the municipality to support the community engagement and planning for the development of the plan.

The review aims to:

  • Identify freight connections in the municipality’s rural areas
  • Establish a priority farm machinery network, to facilitate the passage of agricultural implements with reduced potential for conflict with main traffic routes
  • Enhance safety across the rural road network
  • Identify economically-sustainable improvements to provide all weather access to key farming property locations
  • Rationalise the road network where appropriate
  • Develop an achievable service level and maintenance standards across Council’s sealed and unsealed rural road network.

The community representatives will help us to understand the current issues and to support Council's engagement with locals to understand the planning processes and aims of the project, identify those issues, problems and opportunities and communicate the outcomes as they develop.

Seven rural locations have been identified with nominations sought from each of those locations as well as a representative from the rural townships.

The seven local areas consist of the following:

  1. Brimpaen, Wonwondah, Mockinya, McKenzie Creek, Lahrum, Wartook, Haven, Bungalally
  2. Riverside, Drung, St Helens Plain, Dadswells Bridge
  3. Longernong, Jung, Kalkee, Kewell, Blackheath, Murra Wurra, Dooen
  4. Quantong, Vectis, Pimpinio, Wail
  5. Mitre, Grass Flat, Duchembegarra, Arapiles, Natimuk
  6. Tooan, Noradjuha, Jilpanger, Clear Lake, Nurrabiel, Lower Norton
  7. Toolondo, Kanagulk, Telangatuk East

Please contact Community Facilitator Martin Bride on 53829777 with any questions.