Community Inclusion Plan

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Council has a critical role in increasing access and inclusion for Horsham in its role as a civic leader, community planner, infrastructure builder, policy leader and service provider. While Council has a key role in developing this Plan, it is also everybody’s responsibility.

The Community Inclusion Plan (CIP) 2019-2022 sees Council broaden the scope from a focus on disability to one of community inclusion, to support the vision of making Horsham municipality a vibrant, inclusive community to live, work, play and invest.

Access, inclusion and participation in community and civic life are fundamental human rights.

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One in five Australians live with disability. Primary carers are more likely than non-carers to live with a disability. Disability adversely impacts on a person’s ability to earn income and people with a disability of working age are approximately 30 per cent less likely to be in employment in comparison to people without disability:

Due to unconscious bias, many people with disability face barriers in the workplace.

As a result, the unemployment rate for people with disability is twice that of the general population.

The CIP sets out Council’s vision over the next four years that include six principles that establish Council’s focus and priority action areas:

1.            Participation: Maximise participation of all in Council’s and Community activities

2.            Equity: Ensure equitable access to all Council services

3.            Adaptability: Ensure the built environment is designed for flexibility and to be usable to the greatest extent possible by people of all ages and abilities, without the need for adaption or specialised design in its use over time

4.            Inclusion: Empowering access to opportunity, addressing structural inequalities, tackling unconscious bias and developing inclusive organisations

5.            Advocacy: Advocate on behalf of people with a disability, their families and carers about their needs, and about issues impacting upon their ability to live a life they value

6.            Celebrate: Celebrate and champion examples of community inclusion