Creative Horsham Project Reference Group


Horsham Rural City Council is seeking to appoint suitably experienced and qualified community members to serve on the Creative Horsham Project Reference Group, which is tasked with providing community input into the development of the City’s next Creative Horsham (Arts and Cultural) Plan 2019-2023.

The Plan is a document that sets a vision and guide for Council’s involvement and investment in cultural activities and arts practice within the Horsham community over the next five years.

The Creative Horsham Project Reference Group (PRG) is an advisory Committee only and has no delegated decision making authority.

The role of the Group is to contribute to the development of the Creative Horsham (Arts and Cultural) Plan 2019-2023 and provide appropriate advice, information and feedback as to how arts and cultural expression can contribute meaning and quality to the Horsham municipality into the future.

Specifically, the PRG will carry out the following through the contribution of their expertise:

  • In support of Council, act as an advocate and channel of communication for the community and other stakeholders to encourage and develop a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences;
  • Provide advice and assistance with the development of a range of artistic, economic, cultural, educational, youth and community development opportunities and programs designed to increase awareness and participation in local arts practice; and
  • Provide input, advice and expertise about a range of key elements that contribute towards a strong sense of place and community identity through arts and culture.

In developing this plan with input from the PRG (in conjunction with future wider community consultations), Council will build a comprehensive understanding of community needs and expectations. The aim is to develop and deliver strategic priorities and key decisions, represent the community and govern in a responsive, open and accountable manner. 

This is your chance to have your say and help us to explore how we can better support creative practitioners in Horsham Rural City to deliver inspiring creative offerings to our community.  

Expressions of Interest submissions closed 4pm Monday 24 June 2019.

For further information please contact Michelle Rethus, Community Wellbeing Strategic Projects Officer at or Council’s Customer Service Centre on (03) 5382 9777.