Draft Property Strategy


The draft Property Strategy was open for public comment for eight weeks until 18 September 2019.

The Property Strategy:

  • Provides a holistic framework for the management of all property assets
  • Establishes guiding principles for the alignment of Council’s property portfolio with its future community and service delivery requirements
  • Provides Councillors and Council Officers with a framework to guide decisions and actions regarding the management of Council properties, in such a way as to maximise community benefit and support financial sustainability
  • Provides a consistent and transparent process to enable the evaluation of all Council properties according to their usage, suitability and physical characteristics
  • Formalises assessment and evaluation principles
  • Ensures properties are “fit for purpose” to deliver services and benefits to the community
  • Manage properties that are maintained to a safe, compliant, energy efficient and modern-day standard and generally protected from deterioration.

Property is a significant, highly valued, and diverse resource that directly impacts the capacity and performance of service delivery within Horsham Rural City Council. Horsham Rural City Council has a critical role as the caretakers responsible for the management of public land on behalf of the community. It is essential that the portfolio is safe, compliant, economically and environmentally sustainable, and most of all, relevant to and considerate of our community.

This strategy has been developed based on the approach used by the Yarra City Council, and essentially provides a methodology for the management and review of Council’s portfolio of properties. It does not seek to set out an overall strategy for individual properties or Council’s property portfolio overall, but provides the framework for that to occur.