Council Plan, Asset Plan and Long Term Financial Plan


The 2021-25 Council Plan outlines the strategic objectives of Council for the next four years and how we will strive to support our community. This year the Health and Wellbeing Plan is part of the Council Plan. Combined with the Long Term Financial Plan and Asset Plan these documents detail the initiatives and priorities required to deliver the objectives, which assets are needed to support these and how the assets will be paid for.

Council has now adopted the 3 strategic plans. The plans as adopted can be  found using these links:

Council Plan 2021-2025
Financial Plan 2021-2031
Asset Plan 2021-2031


How the draft Council Plan was developed

When developing the Council Plan, we actively engaged with the community through listening posts, community group conversations, online surveys, the community satisfactions survey and engagement expos. We gained valuable insight through these discussions and heard directly from people in the community about their aspirations for the future. There is now one more opportunity for you to comment on the drafts of these plans that will shape the future of our municipality.

As part of our previous engagement a 26-person independent Community Panel was established and tasked with creating a Community Vision for the next 20 years. They were also tasked with providing  recommendations to Council regarding the Council Plan and the important question of trust and governance. The panel produced the Horsham 2041 Community Vision which now serves as the key document to guide and inform the development of the Council Plan and other strategic planning documents in to the future. The Community Vision Panel Report is available in the side bar.

This new Council Plan has been developed in line with the Community Vision and focuses on strategic aims and priorities for Council for the next four years. 

Community Vision: “In 2041, Horsham region is a vibrant, liveable hub that thrives on strong economic growth and social connectedness. Empowering people to live, work and access opportunities for recreation and culture, now and into the future.”

Council recognises that the Covid-19 Pandemic has challenged the way we all undertake business and live our daily lives, and  Council also recognises the important role that it must play in supporting the community during these difficult times.