Draft Budget 2022-2023

Consultation is now closed.

The Draft Budget 2022-2023 has been prepared through a process of consultation and discussion with Council Officers and Councillors, and aligns with objectives as set out in the 2021-2025 Council Plan.

The Draft Budget 2022-2023 has this year been prepared with reference to the Annual Action Plan 2022-2023 that was developed following the adoption of the new Council Plan in October 2021, and was presented to the public for comment and feedback in February 2022.

The Draft Budget 2022-2023 is balanced on a cash basis.

The Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-2024 has been revised to incorporate some minor changes as a result of the budget development process, and to reflect a revision to rate differentials (farm differential change from 59% to 50%) and eligibility requirements for the farm differential.

The community was able to provide comment and feedback until Monday 13 June 2022 and submissions are now closed. A report to Council will now be prepared so that they can consider the feedback received.

Download the Draft Budget 2022-2023(PDF, 3MB)

Download the Revised Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-2024(PDF, 1MB)

Download the Capital Works 2022-2023 Highlights(PDF, 2MB)


An info graphic showing how much each service area receives from each hundred dollars spent