Green Lake Water Way Rules Review

A speed boat stationary on green lake

Green Lake is highly valued by a range of recreational users for sailing, swimming, rowing, water-skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, fishing and (seasonal) duck hunting. The lake hosts the Horsham Yacht Club and Water Sports and the Natimuk Water Ski Club. It is also important for its cultural heritage and environmental values.

To improve safety outcomes of on-water activities at Green Lake we have reviewed and are updating the Waterway Rules. Key user groups of Green Lake as well as the broader public have been engaged to inform the draft updated Waterway Rules. We are now inviting the public to review the draft updated Waterway Rules for Green Lake prior to a final submission to Maritime Safety Victoria for endorsement.

The draft updated Waterway Rules reflect current use of the lake and are based on contemporary expectations regarding safety outcomes for on-water activities. Key changes to the rules include:

  • An Access Lane introduced near the Horsham Yacht Club to improve access and activation of this area and facility
  • A deepened non-powered vessel zone (bathing) to enhance swimming and active recreation opportunities
  • Clearer terminology and geographical references
  • Provision for slalom skiing in the Southeast area of the lake
  • The direction of travel on the lake is remaining the same (clockwise)

Please download the draft rules: Green Lake Waterway Rules(PDF, 40KB) and the Green Lake Water Way Rules Map(PDF, 2MB) (or view the map online Green Lake Map(JPEG, 2MB)

Submissions close 26 October at 5pm.

Feedback can be provided directly to Dale Schmid via or 0428 407 184.