Haven Precinct Plan

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Anzac Park

Horsham Rural City Council and Haven’s Community Reference Group have been developing a plan for the Haven Recreation Reserve since May 2021. This has been a process of co-design as the community’s aspirations for Haven were considered alongside population growth, and various Strategic plans to support the growth and sustainability of Haven.

The result is a well-considered landscape plan for Anzac Park that incorporates key principles of design that reflect the community’s vision and that now needs further consultation with the broader community.

It is important to note that at this stage, none of the identified changes/upgrades are confirmed. The final plan will be subject to the result of consideration of community feedback and Council endorsement of the plan.

Any subsequent upgrades or developments will be subject to funding from the Council budget and/or grants and will involve more specific planning and consultation.

Download the Plan Overview

Community engagement for the first draft of the Haven (Anzac Park) area plan has now closed.
We received 79 responses regarding the draft plan. The total includes a number of written responses.

Key themes that emerged for the Haven (Anzac Park) planning include:

  • Endorsement of a focus on social connection and families
  • The importance of trees, shade and seating throughout the area
  •  A preference for nature play (and)
  • A reminder that play and activity equipment needs to be appropriate for a variety of ages

What's Next?

A Community Reference Group (CRG) has been established for the Haven (Anzac Park) Plan. The CGR for the project will now consider all feedback received. This will result in a revised draft concept plan for the site. When this process has been completed, we will seek further feedback from the community before moving to the final stage of prioritizing works and seeking Council endorsement of the planning. 

How does this plan get delivered?

For anything in this plan to be delivered, it must first make sense financially as well as provide value to the community.

This may mean projects being triggered by population growth and development of land for housing to both raise funds as well as justify investment into a growing community with growing needs.

This plan will also form part of long term investment in our parks and upgrades as asset degrade. Instead of replacing like for like, we would investigate whether we could deliver on the plan.

Following endorsement, Council officers can begin planning and budgeting for specific projects to deliver parts of the plan.

The community reference group will support this through their own grant applications and encouraging the broader community to use the space.