Sunnyside Park Landscape Plan

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The Sunnyside Park Plan has been developed in close partnership with the community and organisations that call Sunnyside Park home.

This Community Reference Group created a vision of Sunnyside Park as a centre for the community, where different ages, interests and abilities could come together and enjoy the park.

It is important to note that at this stage, none of the identified changes/upgrades are confirmed. The final plan will be subject to the result of consideration of community feedback and Council endorsement of the plan.

Any subsequent upgrades or developments will be subject to funding from the Council budget and/or grants and will involve more specific planning and consultation

See the Draft Overview Plan

The Draft Plans were available for public comment and submissions closed at 5pm on Friday 11 March, 2022.  

What’s next?

After reviewing all the community’s feedback, the Community Reference Group will develop a final draft landscape plan.

Included in this final draft will be a plan for implementation that prioritises potential projects and assigns responsibilities to Council and the community.

The landscape and Implementation plan will be then submitted to Councillors for adoption. The adoption of the plan signifies a long-term commitment from Council to deliver the plan.

How does this plan get delivered?

For anything in this plan to be delivered, it must first make sense financially as well as provide value to the community.

This may mean projects being triggered by population growth and development of land for housing to both raise funds as well as justify investment into a growing community with growing needs.

This plan will also form part of long term investment in our parks and upgrades as asset degrade. Instead of replacing like for like, we would investigate whether we could deliver on the plan.

Following endorsement, Council officers can begin planning and budgeting for specific projects to deliver parts of the plan.

The community reference group will support this through their own grant applications and encouraging the broader community to use the space.