Proposed Regional Museum - Inventory of Existing Collections

Museum proposal .jpg

Council is investigating a possibility of a Regional Museum.

The facility will be place of pride where the Horsham story can be told.
A place where we can reconnect with our history.
A place to develop new understandings of the region in which we live.

It is expected that the proposed Horsham Regional Museum will generate economic benefits to the Horsham Municipality and broader region. Horsham is referred to as the capital of the Wimmera and is part of the Grampians wider region. Horsham is situated on a major interstate highway and currently has a drawcard of visitors that will be a major thrust in marketing the museum.

Council, requires to identify what will be displayed in the museum if it is to proceed. These items need to be of interest and have a point of difference. A number of significant heritage collections are dispersed throughout the greater Horsham Region and held by community organisations and by individual community members.

Council is currently seeking an inventory of existing collections within the municipality from the community that represents the region as a whole. Council would like to hear from community members or groups who house significant historical items that represent and define our region that could be part of the proposed museum.

These items may have a strong historical relevance relating to agricultural machinery, while others may be significant to military collections or simply an accumulation of local artefacts and memorabilia that could be donated or simply housed to the proposed museum.

Council welcomes information from community members that are interested in providing an inventory list of their historical item/s or memorabilia, to be forward this information to Horsham Rural City Council at