Sunnyside Park Landscape Plan

Sunnyside Park Plan.PNG

What is our vision for the Park?

That Sunnyside Park will provide a range of opportunities for our community to be socially connected and physically active.

The Park will support a diversity of experiences, celebrate the natural environment and be a meeting place for the community.

Who did we consult?

We received 67 responses from our community via the feedback survey. Responses were completed electronically and via printed surveys.

We also received feedback from a number of community groups including:

  • Wimmera Whippets
  • Sunnyside Sporting Club (Bowling Club)
  • Homers Sporting Club
  • Kalkee Football Netball Club
  • Grampians Health (Wimmera Health Care Group)
  • Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village
  • Horsham Primary School (298)
  • Wimmera CMA

When did the consultation occur?

Consultation and conversations occurred from the beginning of December 2021 through to the end of February 2022.

What were we told?

People confirmed the importance of:

  • trees for amenity and shade and seating
  • pathways that are connected and accessible by all – for walking, running and access to facilities
  • gathering areas where families and friends can meet to socialize, where people can be connected
  • an area for play with equipment that is accessible to people of different ages and abilities
  • ensuring sporting areas can be used for multiple groups and people
  • managing traffic movements and parking for the local primary school and for people who travel to the area
  • ensuring entrances to the Park are welcoming and interesting – particularly along Baillie St

What changes have we made to the draft plan?

Most of the feedback we received was already present in the draft plan but we have shown extra seating, lighting and the existing goal posts on the revised plan.

We have also:

  • More clearly shown the private parking area of the Sunnyside Bowling Club (between the tennis courts and the pavilion)
  • Made changes to suggested parking along Olga Ave (more detailed work and consultation is required before changes occur)

Next steps in the process

The revised plan is available – for information (Sunnyside concept plan layout- overview(PDF, 13MB) and Sunnyside concept plan layout- details(PDF, 10MB))

A report will be presented to Council recommending that the plan for upgrades to Sunnyside Park be adopted.

The report will summarise the process of consultation and design of the draft plan and will explain the benefits to our community of investment in Sunnyside Park.