City to River

Study area- River to city

This project provides a suite of transformative projects that aim to improve, revitalise and link Horsham's Central Activity District (CAD) and the Wimmera Riverfront Precinct; making Horsham a more attractive place to live, work, visit and invest.

View City to River Draft Masterplan

Updates to Draft Masterplan 

At it's November 25, 2019 Meeting, Council resolved to make several amendments(PDF, 515KB) to the Draft Masterplan based on community feedback submitted during the public engagement period. 

Public engagement 

At its 24 June, 2019 Meeting, Council resolved to exhibit and invite wider community comment on the Draft City to River Masterplan. The exhibition period was throughout July and August.

During this period, people could participate in the following ways:

  • Visit an information display in the Council Reception Room and submit feedback in person or in writing
  • Attend Community Information Sessions held on Monday 15 July and Monday 29 July
  • Talk to Councillors and staff at pop-up displays at Horsham Plaza and other locations
  • Submit a feedback form available online and in paper copy
  • Council also consulted with user groups and schools. 

A total of 740 official submissions were received from stakeholders such as local clubs, state and regional sports associations, schools, businesses and individuals.  

City to River Engagement Snapshot (6 pages)

City to River Engagement Report (55 pages)

Essential Further Engagement

  • Further engagement will be required with Barengi Gadjin Land Council in detailed planning for the riverfront precinct
  • Existing public land users impacted as part of site transition will be directly consulted by Council.
  • Further engagement with property owners to gauge interest and further planning for redevelopment areas

Indicative project timeline

Phase 1: Gather

December 2018

 Project kicks off with a review of existing strategies, plans, economic and demographic data.

January-February 2019

 Targeted consultation is held to understand stakeholder aspirations for the project area, test knowledge base and identifying concerns.

March 2019

 A draft background report and early visual concepts are produced and tested with the Project Control Group.

April-May 2019

 Vision and Draft Concept Plans prepared for wider community feedback.

Phase 2: Test

July-August 2019

 The wider community is invited to comment on draft Concept Masterplan.

September-October 2019

  1. All submissions are reviewed, assessed and summarised. Submissions and responses are considered against project objectives, State and local policy and funding potential.
  2. Council consider all written feedback including issues and suggestions.

  3. Councillor’s attend a workshop regarding response to submissions.

Phase 3: Refine

November 2019

Councillors participate in a workshop on the results of any further targeted consultation/ design solution options. Changes are made to the draft concept Masterplan based on the Councillor workshop. 

December 2019

Council are presented with the revised concept Masterplan and decide on the revised concept Masterplan.

December 2019-January 2020

An Action and Implementation Plan is prepared based on the final concept Masterplan decided by Council. It will allow funding opportunities to be taken advantage of as they become available.

Phase 4: Design

Starting February 2020 - continuing over 20+ years

  • Detailed design options are prepared for individual projects (schematic designs), including further consultation.
  • Detailed designs will be 'generally in accordance' with the concept Masterplan and will be influenced by detailed site analysis and stakeholder engagement.
  • Funding is sought for individual projects and will continue over a 20 year plus time period.


Further information

Individual maps in print friendly form:

Overall Map(PDF, 13MB)
South West Map(PDF, 1MB) 
South East Map(PDF, 5MB)
Central West Map(PDF, 5MB)
Central East Map(PDF, 4MB)

Artists impressions of key features: 

Water front view 1(PDF, 2MB)
Water front view 2(PDF, 2MB)
Firebrace St River Connection(PDF, 3MB)