Horsham South Structure Plan

It is anticipated that Horsham South area will undergo change over the coming decades.

The Structure Plan will identify a future vision for the area that captures the community’s objectives and aspirations. It will also provide a broader assessment of opportunities and issues that will need to be considered for the period beyond the 20-year horizon.

The plan provides the foundation for the pursuit of more detailed statutory planning provisions, amendments to the Planning Scheme as well as design and development initiatives, for specific areas and activities in Horsham South.

It will also guide Council policies, programs and initiatives relating to community, economic, social, environmental, and physical initiatives.

The Structure Plan acknowledges the extent of work that the Horsham community has already undertaken in identifying our future aspirations. It aims to build upon this work and contribute to the implementation of community objectives by creating an effective, integrated and coordinated vehicle through which to pursue them.

How to get involved

As part of Phase 1, technical analysis was undertaken, and a Background Report was prepared. The Background Report outlines issues and opportunities in Horsham South (see link below). 

Following the background report, a draft Key Strategic Directions Discussion Paper was prepared and the community were invited to get involved. Feedback on the discussion paper was collected from 18 November to 13 December 2019.

During that time 63 people participated in workshops, interviews and written submissions. 

In the early part of 2020, feedback on the strategic directions will be reviewed and development scenarios will be prepared and tested with the community. The development scenarios will then be used to inform the preparation of the Structure Plan and the community will be asked to provide comments on the draft Structure Plan prior to it being finalised. 

Stay tuned for detailed on how to get involved in providing feedback on development scenarios. For further information on the engagement timeline see the below.


Engagement timeline

Phase 1: Gather

March 2019

Project kicks off with a literature review of background research, reports and data. Technical reports are prepared.

April-June 2019

A technical working group and Councillors workshop issues and draft vision and design principles.

July- August 2019

A draft Issues and Opportunities Report is prepared and reviewed by the Project Control Group.

Phase 2: Test

September-October 2019

Material is prepared for round one of the community engagement phase.

November 2019

The wider community is invited to be involved in setting the vision and direction for Horsham South.

Phase 3: Engagement on development scenario

December 2019

  • All submissions are reviewed, assessed and summarised
  • Council consider all written feedback including issues and suggestions
  • Council decide on any modifications in response to community feedback.

December 2019 - March 2020

  • Community consultation on development scenario
  • A preferred development scenario is identified.

March 2020

  • Council will make a decision on Issues and Opportunities Report, including design principals and development scenarios.

July 2020

  • Council will decide final development scenario

Phase 4: Prepare Structure Plan

November 2020

Council will start detailed structure planning.