More about Transforming Horsham

Transforming Horsham poster.jpg Planning for Horsham’s future will move into a significant new phase across the next six months under the banner of ‘Transforming Horsham’.

Transforming Horsham is essentially one assignment with four strategic projects that each have the common goal of growing the city’s economy and liveability.

The projects are: 

  • Horsham Urban Transport Plan
  • Open Space Strategy
  • Horsham South Structure Plan
  • Wimmera River and Central Activity District Visioning

The Transforming Horsham brand was designed to build the community’s understanding that the four strategic plans had the same purpose - to transform Horsham.

Transforming Horsham would continue the momentum of public consultation work completed across the past five years.

It will take us from the ‘how’ to exactly ‘what’ we need to do as a priority,” Mr Bhalla said.

HRCC will work with key stakeholders to continue the momentum created through the existing strategic work on the river and central Horsham, while also filling gaps in the areas of integrated transport planning and public open space.

All existing ideas and knowledge will be brought together and new ideas will be captured. The resulting concepts plans will provide a clear vision and action plans that will be used to secure public and private sector investment to make the projects happen.