Victorian Local Government Women's Charter

Horsham Rural City Council endorsed the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter on 5 September 2011, and is one of 73 Victorian Council signatories to the Charter.

The emphasis of the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter is not only on increasing the number of women in elected representative roles, but also on encouraging and empowering women from a diverse range of backgrounds to actively participate in decision-making roles in their communities.

As a signatory to the Charter, Horsham Rural City Council commits to the following principles:

  • Gender Equity – That women and men have an equal right to be representatives in local governments, committees and decision making positions.


  • Diversity – The inclusion of different experiences and perspectives in local governments and community decision-making strengthens local democratic governance and helps build cohesive communities. Councils and communities encourage and welcome the participation of all women.


  • Active Citizenship – Local governments will work with the community to increase the numbers and participation of women in public life, so that decision-making more clearly represents and reflects the interests and demographies of communities.

Horsham Rural City Council Victorian Local Government Women's Charter Certificate(PDF, 116KB)

Further information - Victorian Local Governance Association website - Victorian Local Government Women's Charter.