Noradjuha Tooan East Road / Noradjuha Silo Road Intersection



Council is seeking input regarding the intersection of Noradjuha Tooan East Road and the Noradjuha Silo Road. It is configured in a manner to prioritise the traffic from the angle road (Noradjuha Tooan East Road) to the west bound road.


Reconstruction works are planned for the rough section of the Noradjuha Tooan East Road (from Natimuk Hamilton Road to Noradjuha Silo Road) in the 2018/19 financial year, and this provides the opportunity to alter the intersection.

Council believes that the alteration of intersection to provide priority for vehicles travelling in Noradjuha Silo Road will significantly improve the safety in this area.

We are seeking your comments to the two (2) options listed below and ask that you to reply by 6 July by either:

  • Posting to Horsham Rural City Council, Attn: Martin Duke, PO BOX 511, Horsham, Vic, 3402;
  • Emailing or
  • Calling (03) 5382 9724. 
  • Filling in form below


Option 1(PDF, 72KB)

Option 2(PDF, 376KB)


We also encourage you to attend a drop in session being held at the Noradjuha Hall commencing at 5.00 pm on Wednesday 11 July.

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