Older closed consultations

The table below contains information on consultations that are now closed. We make every effort to record previous community engagements on this page. If a Council consultation is not listed please email Anne Donovan, Community Development Manager council@hrcc.vic.gov.au

Project Title  Date of consultation Original Document(s) Amended Document Current Status
Artist in Residence re-zone application August- September 2016  Not Applicable Panel report(PDF, 485KB) Adopted by Council May 2015
Wartook Valley Strategy June 2015 ongoing  Not available Wartook Valley Strategy(DOCX, 19MB) Adopted by Council 18/09/2017
Horsham Rail Corridor Master Plan 29/07/2015 to 25/11/2015 Draft Horsham Rail Corridor Master Plan(PDF, 20MB)  Horsham Rail(PDF, 12MB)

Corridor Master Plan(PDF, 12MB)

Response to Submissions(PDF, 259KB)

Adopted 21/3/2016
Council Plan 2014-2018 01/01/2015 to 02/03/2015 Draft Council Plan2014-18(PDF, 2MB) Council Plan 2014-2018(PDF, 2MB) Adopted 17/03/2015
Municipal Strategic Statement 21/01/2015 to 27/02/2015 Municipal Strategic Statement(PDF, 952KB) Pending Pending
Horsham & District Early Years Plan & Social Infrastructure Plan 31/10/2014 to 21/11/2014 Horsham & District Early Years Plan - Draft(PDF, 4MB) Horsham & District(PDF, 4MB)

Early Years
Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Social Infrastructure
Plan Concept
Design Report(PDF, 3MB)

Social Infrastructure Environmental Scan(PDF, 4MB)

Social Infrastructure Concept Design Report - Appendix(PDF, 4MB)

Adopted 01/12/2014
Laharum Precinct Plan 10/10/14 to 7/11/14  Laharum Survey(PDF, 319KB) Laharum Community Precinct Plan(PDF, 5MB) Adopted 16/11/2015
Haven Precinct Plan 10/10/14 to 7/11/14 Haven Survey(PDF, 314KB) Haven Community Precinct Plan(PDF, 4MB) Adopted 19/09/2016
Horsham Heritage Study (stage 1) 8/10/12 to 8/11/12 Heritage Study Part 1(PDF, 4MB)
Heritage Study Part 2(PDF, 5MB)
Heritage Study Part 3(PDF, 2MB)
Not applicable Stage 1 complete
Road Management Plan 11/11/2013 to 6/12/2013 Road Management
Plan(PDF, 699KB)
 Not applicable Pending
Sports and Recreation Strategy 2013 2/09/2013 to 1/11/2013 Draft Sports and Recreation Strategy(PDF, 719KB)  Not applicable Adopted as a reference document 18/11/2013
Health and Wellbeing Plan 7/10/2013 to 31/10/2013  Not available 2013 Health and Wellbeing Plan(PDF, 2MB) Adopted 18/11/2013
Framework for managing growth 12/06/13 to 19/07/13 Draft Framework for Managing Growth Part D(PDF, 4MB) Framework for Managing Growth Part D(PDF, 5MB) Adopted 2/12/13
Central Activity District Strategy 12/06/13 to 19/07/13 Draft Central Activity District Strategy(PDF, 3MB) Central Activity District Strategy(PDF, 2MB) Adopted 21/10/2013
Horsham North Urban Design Framework 06/2013 to 09/2013 Horsham North UDF Part 1(PDF, 1MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 2(PDF, 2MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 3(PDF, 6MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 4(PDF, 4MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 5(PDF, 3MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 6(PDF, 3MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 1(PDF, 5MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 2(PDF, 8MB)
Horsham North UDF Part 3(PDF, 6MB)
Adopted 16/09/2013
Disability Access and Action Plan 20/05/2013 to 20/06/2013  Not available

Disability Access and Action Plan(PDF, 631KB)

Adopted 15/07/2013