Better Parking System for Horsham's Central Activity District

Demonstration parking meter.png

New parking meters were switched on in Horsham's central activity district on 15 March 2023. 

Features of the new parking meters

  • Can be operated by coin, card tap or new phone app
  • You can pay for your parking via the new phone app without needing to go to the meter and the charge will be based on the length of time you stay in a parking bay
  • When using coin or card tap at the meter, you will pay for a set time in advance (as you currently do)
  • Simply enter your vehicle registration number into the meter or the phone app.  There will be no paper tickets required for the dash board of your car
  • Solar powered and paperless.

Other parking changes

  • All one-hour (1P) parking in central Horsham will be extended to two-hour (2P) parking
  • This will allow more flexibility while still encouraging movement of shoppers throughout the central activity district All short-term parking (10, 15, 20 minutes) will move into a single 30-minute short term parking limit.

Parking meter fees

The fee structure for the parking meters is:

$1.50 per hour, which can be paid in $0.10 cent (4 minute) increments, to a maximum of $3.00 (2 hours)

If you have questions about the parking meter roll-out, please contact Customer Service on 53829777.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why new parking meters?

Our current meters are no longer manufactured and we are no longer able to source parts to repair. Councils has moved to modern technology to allow different methods of payment including card tapping and an easy-to-use app.

Can I use coins in the new meters?

Yes. You will have multiple options in paying for your parking session - coins, tap card and app.

Vehicle registration numbers - what will mine be used for?

Accessing and using registration numbers for compliance purposes is a normal, legally-approved process. Any infringement must always list a registration number. The difference now is that we are linking the registration number with the payment technology to determine payment and overstay, rather than walking from car to car to observe such transactions. We will not be collecting or disclosing any of your personal information.

Displaying a paid ticket - why don't I need to do this?

The new system does not have display tickets. This minimise the inconvenience of returning to the car to display the ticket and creates less paper waste. All details are recorded electronically.

How do the zones work?

There are two zones in town. These are designed to create movement of parked vehicles in line with the timed zones and prevent people from monopolising parking.

You can only stay in a zone for two hours then you will not be able to top up in that zone till 30 minutes has passed. You must move to the other zone or off street or unmetered areas. You can move within a zone using different spots for as long as you have paid.

Pay for two hours move as many times in the zone as you like in that two hours. If you move to the next zone you need to pay again.

The Zones run -  north side of Roberts Avenue to Baillie Street (top of town) Zone 1 and south side of Roberts Avenue to Hamilton Street (river end) Zone 2.

Where are the meters and zones? (Map)

CAD Meters and Zones-WEB.png

Incorrect registration number - what if I enter mine wrong?

Our officers will use discretion in issuing fines where it appears a genuine mistake has been made. You can lodge an appeal to your infringement if you believe you should not have been fined.

Time left to park - how do I know how much time I have left?

If you paid using a parking meter, you can check how much time you have left by entering your number plate into any parking meter. If you paid using the app, you can check your remaining time on the app, and top up remotely.

How does this affect disability parking permits?

The good news is nothing has changed for those with disability parking permits. 

Permit holders can park in disability car parks for free.  

You can also park in metered parking spots for twice as long as the time you have paid for.

Our parking officers will still be on-foot checking for your permit.

How do infringement notices work?

As with the current system, with parking inspectors putting paper parking fines on cars, handing a ticket to the driver or infringements mailed out to the registered vehicle's address if there are adverse conditions for the parking fines to be placed on car windows.

How will people know they've been fined?

As per the current process, by either a ticket on the windscreen, a ticket handed to the driver or it posted to the registered vehicle's address.

Can I get a digital receipt for parking from the app and machine?

Yes, please scan QR code provided after paying for parking at meter and follow prompt when paying from app. Receipts will not be printed at parking machines.

Is there an account keeping fee for the Blinkay App?

Not for parkers.


How to use the new meters


Background information

At the Council meeting held on 22 August 2022, Council approved the contract for the supply and installation and five-year maintenance contract for the replacement of the parking meter system in Horsham's CBD. 

The cost of the supply and installation of 60 new parking meters by contractor Peritus is $541,859. This is being funded from the CBD Reserve.

The additional cost of a 5 year contract for background software licences, ongoing integration with Council's corporate software system and maintenance is $193,500 or $38,700 per year (plus annual CPI increases). There is an allowance for this in the annual operations budget. 

Completed traffic engineering studies have recommended that paid parking is effective and efficient in managing priority parking spaces within the CBD to enable movement of shoppers, ultimately increasing foot traffic to our local businesses

Sixty modern parking meters are currently being installed to replace 361 old meters, some of which date back to the 1960s.  The old meters have reached the end of their serviceable life, with repair parts unavailable.

The upgrade of meters will complement Council's Parking Management Plan (also to be implemented in February/March 2023) which includes:

  • Consolidating one-hour (1P) car parks into two-hour parking.  This will allow more flexibility while still encouraging movement of shoppers throughout the central activity district 
  • Consolidating short-term parking (10, 15, 20 minutes) into a single 30-minute short term parking time frame.