Horsham Town Hall: Auditorium Floor Replacement


The heritage conservation work will include like-for-like replacement of the damaged Auditorium floor (floor boards and sub-floor structure) in the Horsham Town Hall. This will ensure that further decline of the floor’s condition is avoided and that continued community use of the space is protected into the future.

This solution has been approved through a Heritage Impact Statement, Geotechnical Report and other investigations. The work is supported by Heritage Victoria via a permit exemption granted in November 2020.



The new subfloor system will be designed to minimise and mitigate movement and damage to the floor in the long term and the like-for-like floor reconstruction ensures the traditional carpentry style and architectural qualities are protected and can continue to be appreciated and valued.

To help fund these important works, Council was awarded a Living Heritage Grant of $200,000 from Heritage Victoria. 

It is important that the Auditorium remains safe, ‘fit for purpose’ and in regular use, to help sustain it into the future and for future generations to enjoy. The new floor will facilitate the return of large community functions and activities hosted at the Auditorium and preserve the structural integrity of this State heritage listed building.

Motocross Presentation at Town Hall