Horsham Urban Transport Plan

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At the Council meeting on 28 January 2020 the Horsham Urban Transport Plan was adopted by Council. A number of changes were made in response to community feedback.

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Community Engagement

Following extensive consultation with the community, Councillors, representatives from the agriculture, transport, cycling and business sectors, a series of draft transport-related strategies across six themes was approved by Council for community feedback. Written submissions were accepted and a survey was conducted.

Background information 

The aim of the Horsham Urban Transport Plan is to set directions and priorities for developing our transport system in urban Horsham in a way that supports the goals of our community, our economy and environment both now and in the future.

Council has identified six key objectives that will drive the project:

  1. A more active and vibrant CBD and river precinct
  2. Trucks which don’t originate or terminate in the CBD to be removed from the CBD and river precinct;
  3. More active transport
  4. More river crossings
  5. Linking highways to economic activities
  6. Preference for the use of existing road reserves for future development of the local and arterial roads

 In addressing these objectives, the Plan will provide the following outcomes:

  • identify key road network issues
  • establish strategic directions for our transport system
  • establish key priorities for network upgrades
  • consider people movement needs, alongside place-related activities in Horsham’s urban area
  • review and revise road hierarchy
  • establish principles for street design