Quantong Recreation Reserve Oval Upgrade

Recreation Reserve Quantong

The Quantong Recreation Reserve is the key open space and recreational facility for the small rural community of Quantong. 

This project has been co-designed by the Horsham Rural City Council Recreation & Open Space Planning Team, Representatives of the Noradjuha Quantong Football Netball Club and the Quantong Recreation Reserve Committee of Management.

As identified in the Horsham Open Space Strategy, the Quantong Recreation Reserve provides critical open space in the region and as such requires appropriate investment to ensure a safe and accessible space for all users.

The project includes three distinct components:

1. Upgrade of irrigation system

The current irrigation system is failing and requiring continual maintenance and repair at a significant ongoing cost. This component of the project will include the below:

  • Removal of existing irrigation system including all underground piping
  • Replacement of irrigation with new system
  • Upgrade of controller and running of three phase power.


2. Improved drainage

The current drainage is insufficient with a limited number of PVC pipes taking subsurface water from the playing surface towards the table drain outside of the Recreation Reserve perimeter.  The drainage solution has been identified byt the HRCC Projects office in consultation with a local supplier and the Quantong Working Group and is as follows:

  • Sleeved subsurface irrigation (removes risk to player safety of sliding into drainage pit)
  • Installation of grade to swale drains
  • All drainage directed to table drain.


3. Turf Solution

The current oval comprises a mix of turf varieties, many of which are cool season grasses and not appropriate to year round usage of the oval in a warm and drying climate. The turf solution identified by the HRCC Parks and Gardens team in consultation with the key located stakeholders is as follows:

  • Herbicide treatment of oval to remove all turf varieties excluding existing couch
  • Rotary hoe of oval and spread existing couch across entire oval
  • Application of 50mm topsoil to support couch regeneration.