The Station House Removal


Horsham Rural City Council is seeking buyers interested in purchasing and relocating a house at 12-14 Pynsent Street.   The house is a regular weatherboard dwelling that is no longer in use and is surplus to Council’s needs.  The successful buyer would be responsible for disconnecting services and moving the house in a safe and responsible manner.

The buyer would need to obtain all related permits before the moving commences. The plans for the House are shown below (also attached for reference)

Floor-Plan-the-station-building.pdf(PDF, 201KB) 

Parties interested in salvaging the house after demolishing on site may also respond.  The successful contractor/s will identify strategies for house removal and have prior experience in similar projects.  The successful contractor/s will need to liaise with Horsham Rural City Council over the strategies for house removal and disconnection of services.

The process will involve the following steps:

  1. Successful buyer is identified
  2. Consultation with Council regarding the dates for House removal
  3. Consultation with Council for disconnection of services
  4. Provision of all safety documents including a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)


The key project deliverables are:

  • The removal of the house at The Station youth center
  • Disconnection of all services
  • Clearing the site of all debris
  • Removal of slabs and other elements of the house
  • Clearing the location and site for future developments

It is expected that the buyer will:

  1. Visit the house before submitting the bid
  2. Meet the requirements of a certified house mover
  3. Finalise and inform the council before disconnecting services
  4. Bear all responsibility and costs for safely moving the house


The works should be completed and the site cleared within four weeks of possession of the site.


Online submissions are to include:

  • Contact details
  • Bidding amount

Lodge Online Submission