Horsham CBD Revitalisation

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At its 4 September 2017 meeting, Council initiated the formation of an Action Group to provide advice on improvements to help revitalise Horsham’s CBD.

Two key background documents provide important input to this Group’s work, being:

  • An infrastructure-focused CBD Revitalisation Strategy document (by consultant MRCagney), outlining some foundational and infrastructure development proposals to facilitate revitalisation of the CBD
  • The Village Well-led community engagement process which captured the views of the community, in particular key stakeholders such as retailers, about further plans for Horsham’s CBD and town entrances


Copies of these two reports are available here:

Hard copies of these reports can be provided on request to Danielle Fowler - danielle.fowler@hrcc.vic.gov.au or calling 5382 9724. 

 The Action Group have commenced meeting to:

  • Identify some “quick wins”, i.e. actions that can be undertaken relatively quickly and which do not require significant funding
  • Implement a streetscape development scheme, to encourage improvements to verandahs and painting of buildings in the CBD area
  • Develop some longer term plans, including consideration of activating the CBD with a town square and/or improvements to the river precinct or other ideas
  • Develop proposals for the town entrances, aiming to provide strong links to the CBD and river with suitable signage
  • Present these plans in a manner which attracts Government funding


Updates on the activities of this group will be provided in media releases and on this web page.