Horsham Aquatic Centre Redevelopment Project

Horsham Aquatic Centre

Total Project Cost - $6.25million

  • Stage 2 – Indoor Pool Accessibility Improvements  $0.65 million
  • Stage 2A – Water play area and playground   $2 million
  • Stage 3 – Hydrotherapy Pool $1.4 million
  • Stage 4/5 – Landscaping, 50m pool shade, gym improvements $2.2 million

The 2017 Horsham Aquatic Centre Master Plan(PDF, 13MB) prioritised a staged redevelopment of the facilities at the Aquatic Centre.  Stage 1 has been funded at a cost of $1.3million, with the upgrading of the 50m pool filtration system and the installation of a flat deck underway.

The continued staged redevelopment will ensure that the Aquatic Centre remains a modern regional facility to service the Wimmera Southern-Mallee region.

Key benefits of the project:

  • Increase participation in a wide range of recreational water activities
  • Provide a modern, accessible facility for all users
  • Improve safety
  • Enhance usability for families
Project Progress in pictures

Infilling of the deep end to reduce depth to 2 metres


Opening of centre channel


Refurbishment of centre channel


Construction of the new floor-reinforcement


Construction of the new floor- concrete first half


Construction of the new floor- concrete second half


Saw cutting of Hob and Walls


Demolition of the Hob


 Excavation of the accessible ramp