Horsham North

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Horsham North Urban Design Framework

The Urban Design Framework was adopted by Council on 16 September, 2013.

The Framework provides a planning context for development within Horsham North and is intended to achieve the five objectives below. To implement the framework, Council will work co-operatively with residents, businesses, landowners and agencies in Horsham North. The objectives were identified through community consultation and link strongly with the aims of the Horsham North Action Plan. The framework itself is not the only solution to issues facing Horsham North, but is an important part of a range of programs intended to improve the area.

This framework is intended to enable:

  • the enhancement of connections within and into Horsham North by improving pedestrian, cycle and public transport
  • the improvement of the physical relation of Horsham North to Horsham by improving conditions in the rail corridor and adjacent industrial land
  • the creation of a centre or 'heart' within Horsham North as a defined focus for the urban area
  • the improvement of perceived and actual safety within Horsham North
  • the creation of a new and improved perception of the area

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the framework, please call Council's Community Facilitator on 03 5382 9759 or email community.development@hrcc.vic.gov.au.

Horsham North UDF Implementation

The framework contains a range of actions with different time frames.

Some of the actions that have occurred are the design and construction of the Kalkee Road Community and Children's Hub and the development of the Horsham Rail Corridor Master Plan.

Horsham Rail Corridor Master Plan

The Horsham Rail Corridor Master Plan was adopted by Council on 21 March, 2016.

The Horsham Rail Corridor Master Plan will act as a blueprint for new infrastructure, investment and land uses along the rail corridor. This includes ways to create better connections across Horsham’s rail corridor.

The Plan recommends a staged approach that includes short, medium and long term actions. These include:

Phase 1 – new recreational and open spaces

  • The remediation of contamination in parts of the site
  • The development of around six hectares of passive open space
  • The creation of an east-west pedestrian and cycling spine

Phase 2 – new and enhanced connections across the railway line

  • Improved accessibility and safety at the underpasses
  • Provision for the construction of new housing
  • Provision for the development of expanded and new community facilities

Phase 3 – Provision for the long-term realignment of the railway line

Ultimately the relocation of the railway line will provide the best long term solution to north/south access as it would allow:

  • The reconnection of north-south roads
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle access between Horsham North and the CAD
  • Improved accessibility