Vision for River and Horsham Central

Wimmera River DSC_0403.jpg

An overriding vision is being developed for Horsham’s Central Activity District (CAD) and River Precinct as part of Council’s plan to revitalise the City as a place to live, work, play and invest.

Ideas suggested in preceding studies have included a town square for the city centre, a cafe by the river and the establishment of a new museum. This project will assess these concepts along with many others to consolidate a final blueprint for the future. 

Community consultation will form a key part of the final vision and the project will be administered by Council’s Director Development Services and a Project Control Group including Council’s CEO and executive team.

Horsham CAD.PNG

 Study Area Boundary - Horsham Central Activities District (CAD) and adjoining Wimmera River Precinct  

A Project Reference Group will also be established to oversee the project and will likely include representatives from Regional Development Victoria (RDV), Victoria Planning Authority (VPA) and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). 

Council has undertaken a range of studies and strategies in recent years. While these have sought to improve outcomes for the community, there is a need to seek to integrate these strategies into an overriding vision for Horsham CAD and Wimmera River Precinct which responds to the following outcomes:

  • How can Council attract investment and create jobs in Horsham and support economic revitalisation?
  • How can Horsham be enhanced as a destination for tourists?
  • What supporting infrastructure, including recreation facilities and tourism infrastructure, is required to support the Vision?
  • How can Council promote Horsham to both the public and private sector as a place to live, work, play and invest?
  • How can Council promote Horsham to State and Federal Governments to attract funding for infrastructure required to support the Vision?
  • How can the Horsham CAD and Wimmera River Precinct capitalise on Horsham as one of Victoria’s 10 regional cities? 

Council has invited tender submissions from suitably qualified consultants to help deliver the project.

The Concept Plan and Vision is due for completion by March 2019.