Coronavirus: Message from Mayor Mark Radford

Published on 27 March 2020

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Yesterday afternoon I witnessed certain individuals distributing essential items - such as bread - along with an important message:
“During these difficult times, offer a random act of kindness to a neighbour, friend or complete stranger.”

Meanwhile, the shock waves of so many good, hard working locals being all of sudden out of work this week, are being felt by us all.

Meanwhile, the staff at our Base Hospital are preparing for a unique health emergency in the Wimmera, while caring for their usual workload of patients. Champions!
Meanwhile, a popular local restaurant is ‘re-tooling’ to prepare to offer a take-away food service, as a last ditch effort to keep their staff employed.
Meanwhile, the Truckies keep delivering, the Supermarket staff are doing their best to keep up, the Pharmacies are restocking their shelves and the Radio airwaves and TV transmissions are full of stories of what is happening, what will happen and what may happen.  

The days are warm, burning off has started and leaves are falling…. this is our Autumn 2020.

In our community, the unfolding story of the Coronavirus is concerning us all. So many of the events and activities that define us, have been cancelled.
It is important to stay informed of what is happening. The advice from health professionals should be listened to and heeded. Some critical decisions are being made by our Leaders, based on the advice from professionals, in regards to our community’s health and safety. We may be inconvenienced in the short term, but we need to take a community long term view and respect the decisions being made.
There are now things that we can’t do.  Make the most of the things we can do.  Be aware of the effect that ‘saturation’ of the media stories can have on you and your family, particularly young children. Make sensible decisions and take responsibility for your family.
If you have concerns and worries, share them with people you trust. Be a good friend and assist others if you can. And remember that our community has faced testing times before.

Together we can work through this and come out the other side.

- Mark Radford

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