Grant helps Hearing Society through COVID challenges

Published on 30 September 2020

Sue Ward (Wimmera Hearing Society).png

The COVID-19 experience has created uncharted territory for everyone, particularly those living with hearing loss.

The requirement of wearing masks has been essential in slowing the spread of the disease, however it’s also created severe communication barriers for people who rely on lip-reading during conversations.

“It’s not only the profoundly deaf that masks affect, many others who have trouble hearing are struggling too,” Wimmera Hearing Society manager Sue Ward said.

“You don’t realise the extent that masks affect communication until it happens to you or you witness it”.

Using funding from Horsham Rural City Council’s COVID Support Grants Program, Mrs Ward intends to create flyers for public places and personal cards for those living with hearing loss to promote and guide positive communication methods.

The funds will also go towards enabling socially-distanced training methods for volunteers without internet access, and towards purchasing more protective shields and gear for safer remote hearing screenings.

HRCC’s grants program offers funding opportunities for individuals, businesses and community organisations to help prepare, respond and build resilience to the pandemic.

To ensure support is available when it’s needed, applications will be assessed and approved monthly until March 2021, or until funding is fully allocated.


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