Livestock Exchange farewells Gordon Fischer

Published on 06 July 2022

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After 20 years of service Gordon Fischer is resigning from his position on the Horsham Regional Livestock Exchange (HRLE) Board.

Well known in the industry and respected for his knowledge of livestock and transport generally, Mr Fischer has been the Livestock Carrier (transport industry) representative on the HRLE Board and has been extremely valuable in his contributions to the operations of the regional facility.

Along with other Board members, he has guided Council in the ongoing operations and development of the Livestock Exchange including the arrangements for ramps for loading and unloading trucks.

His understanding of the manoeuvring and reversing requirements for trucks has supported planning currently underway as the facility looks at extending to be able to cater for the inevitable introduction of B-triple trucks.

Co-ordinator Commercial Enterprises and Manager of the HRLE Paul Christopher notes that Mr Fischer has worked hard to support the improvements at the HRLE.

“Gordon has always been a great advocate for the HRLE and has wanted it to improve. That is why when the selling pen extension, new electric ramps, roof and effluent dump were suggested he was all for it and provided input to make these projects happen, hoping that it would put the HRLE in a good position moving forward in the industry,” he said.

“Gordon has supported me in my role as Manager of the HRLE for 16 years and has been able to fill me in with historical facts about the shift from town in 1999 out to the new facility at Burnt Creek, which has been greatly appreciated.”

HRLE Board Chair David Grimble acknowledged Mr Fischer’s service to the HRLE.

“Gordon is our longest serving board member and sole livestock transport representative. Over the past twenty years his significant contribution providing his expertise and industry perspective has helped shape the strategic direction and improvements of the exchange whilst enhancing the reputation as a modern, viable selling facility. At our recent board meeting it was a pleasure to speak to his contribution and present him with a fitting token of our appreciation. We wish him well knowing that his input has shaped the facility we have today.”

Mayor Robyn Gulline also thanked Mr Fischer for his contribution to the HRLE. 

“Council acknowledged the dedicated voluntary service Gordon has provided to the development of the HRLE over almost twenty years at the June Council meeting.  The HRLE has greatly benefited from Gordon’s expertise and knowledge of the livestock and transport industries.  He will be missed by all involved with the livestock exchange. We thank him for his outstanding service and wish him well for the future,” she said.

The Horsham Regional Livestock Exchange is the fourth largest sheep and lamb market in Victoria.  

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