Police Paddock motorbike damage

Published on 15 May 2018

Police Paddock.jpg

Horsham Rural City Council is reminding motorbike riders that they are not permitted to use the Police Paddock nature reserve.

Council’s Director Technical Services John Martin said the reserve, off Rasmussen Road in Horsham North, was being damaged due to the use of motorbikes, particularly by teenagers.

“Large wheel ruts and gouges have been reported both on walking tracks and in the natural grassland,” Mr Martin said.

“The tracks in the reserve are intended for walkers and cyclists only.”

“They are not designed to withstand the heavier weight and power of motorbikes, which is why they are banned in the reserve.”

The Horsham Police Paddock covers an area of 48 hectares on the northern edge of the city, providing recreational opportunities for walkers, cyclists, anglers, bird watchers and dog owners in a natural woodland setting. It was named Police Paddock as it was where police horses were rested in the 19th century.

Wimmera River Improvement Committee member Merv Adams said the reserve was an ideal place for meant recreational activities, but motorbike riding was not allowed.

“Motorbikes don’t belong in this reserve. There are many types of flora and fauna which thrive here. It’s a natural wetland which needs to remain in a tranquil state for people to enjoy.”

“We want people to continue enjoying motorbike riding. I own a motorbike myself, but there are plenty of other places to go riding.”