Commonwealth Home Support Program

The Aged and Disability Services unit at Horsham Rural City Council provides a range of services to support and assist the frail, aged people with moderate disabilities, and their carers, to remain living independently in their homes.

All persons referring for the service will have to participate in a Home Support Assessment or a Living at Home Assessment prior to the implementation of services.  All services are to be implemented with a ‘Wellness & Reablement” approach to care.  The focus will be on short term services with the aim of increasing and retaining independence.

Domestic Assistance/Home Care, Personal Care, Respite, Meals on Wheels and Home Maintenance services can be provided.

For people 65 years and over (Aboriginal 50 years & over), referrals are to be made through My Aged Care 1800 200 422. Following a conversation with MAC you will be referred onto a Regional Assessment Service Assessor for an assessment. 

For people under 65 years of Age (Aboriginal under 50) referrals are received by the Living at Home Assessment Officer from individuals, families, friends, GP or health services.