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Horsham Rural City Council along with all the emergency service agencies including Victoria Police, CFA and VicSES are responsible for developing and implementing strategies to assist communities both during and after natural and man made emergency events.

The Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Local Government Act 1989 outline the important role Councils play in Victoria's emergency management arrangements in particular Council's connection to the community.

The following pages provide direction on the role Council plays in emergency management and the strategies that can be used during and after an emergency event.

Key links and information is also provided to assist the community in preparing for and dealing with an emergency. Specific information related to an actual emergency will be added to the "During Emergency" and "After Emergency" sections when an incident occurs.

VicEmergency Hotline 

A new VicEmergency Hotline has been created for warnings, preparedness and recovery information, planned burns and more.

The new hotline will replace the existing Victoria Bushfire Information Line (VBIL), SES Information Line, Victorian Emergency Recovery Information Line, and others from DEDJTR and DELWP.

The new phone number is - 1800 226 226 

Vic Emergency is a combined source of emergency information and warnings. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fire Danger Rating and a Code Red day?

The Fire Danger Rating tells you how dangerous a fire would be if one is started. It helps you to know when conditions are dangerous enough to enact your Bushfire Survival Plan.

Code Red is the highest Fire Danger Rating.

About Fire Danger Ratings

About Bushfire Survival Plans

What is a Neighbourhood Safer Place or a Places of Last Resort

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP's) are Places of Last Resort when all other bushfire plans have failed. They are designated community areas that may provide some protection from radiant heat, which is the biggest killer during bushfires. They are not inherently safe places and won't guarantee your safety. The safest option is to leave early.

Neighbourhood Safer Places information.

What essential service disruptions can I encounter during an emergency?

You can encounter some essential service disruptions such as power outage or water supply disruption during an emergency.

Services information.

How can I manage stress during an emergency?

The impact of an emergency can be stressful and exhausting. People are encouraged to look after themselves in this period. Talking it over with others often helps recovery from exposure to traumatic events.

Services information and help.

What is a Bushfire Survival Plan and who should have one?

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) recommends that people who live or holiday in high bushfire risk areas of Victoria prepare themselves, their belongings and property for the event of a fire.

In the event of a fire you need to enact your Bushfire Survival Plan. The CFA can provide specialist advice on these plans. Read the CFA Guide to Bushfire Plans.

It is the responsibility of the individual to make decisions about their safety. Each individual or family need their own personalised Bushfire Survival Plan. This includes whether they will leave their property and when.

The decision to leave early is not the same for every household. The place you decide to go to depends on your individual needs. There is no designated or set "Leave Early" location in our municipality.

For more information on Bushfire Survival Plans.

Why should I leave early and how will I know when to leave?

The safest option in an emergency is always to leave early. Leaving early is the recommended course of action and should be your first consideration and included in your planning. Part of your Bushfire Survival Plan is to decide where your Leave Early place is and what the trigger to decide to go will be.

You should remain vigilant on days of severe or extreme weather events (such as Code Red fire danger days) for warnings and other information about emergency.

Leaving Early information.

What is a Relief Centre?

Local Emergency Centre video explaining what you can expect at an emergency relief centre.

Horsham Rural City Council has a number of locations assessed as suitable for a Relief Centre. A Relief Centre is established once an emergency is declared. The decision of which Relief Centre to open is dependent on the nature and extent of emergency. Its purpose is to provide shelter, first aid, food, registration and support, and information.

If attending an Emergency Relief Centre people should bring:

  • any medication, prescriptions and other personal health aids
  • personal identity documents
  • light bedding and clothing
  • cash, water and non-perishable goods to last at least 12 hours
  • baby necessities such as nappies and baby formula

Council has limited space for companion animals and pets. Depending on the emergency this location may not be near the Relief Centre. A Relief Centre in not a Leave Early place. The location of Relief Centres will be conveyed by local media. This location will be determined once the nature of the emergency is known.

How can I prepare and assist animals during an emergency?

For owners and those in charge of animals planning for emergencies is critical. This includes companion animals (pets), livestock, wildlife and animals in foster care. Personal safety plans and household or property plans should include contingencies for animals that will either remain on the property or be evacuated during an emergency. Owners and those in charge of animals must take pre-emptive action by planning for animal needs and leaving early so that welfare problems can be avoided or minimised. The place you decide to go to depends on your individual needs.

Horsham Rural City Council has limited spaces for companion animals at Horsham, Laharum and Natimuk. The owner has the following responsibilities:

  • provision of water and feed
  • supervision and care of animals
  • veterinary treatment for injuries, illness and humane destruction
  • animals must be tagged or microchipped for identification

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources has developed guides for your consideration when preparing your plan in case of fire. These can be incorporated with your personal Bushfire Survival Plan:








Horsham Rural City Council Emergency Information

Emergency Broadcasters

Tune in to emergency broadcasters for updates, alerts and messages.

MIXX FM - 101.3 FM

ABC Radio - 94.1 FM / 594 AM

3WM - 1089 AM

Triple H (Horsham) - 96.5 FM

Prepare for an emergency

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The 2022-2025 Horsham Rural City Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) documents the agreed emergency management arrangements within the Horsham Rural City municipality for mitigation, response and recovery, and defines the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders at the municipal level. It supports efficiency and effectiveness on a platform of shared responsibility and interoperability to deliver community centred outcomes.  

If you have any comments, feedback or concerns regarding the MEMP, please contact the Municipal Emergency Management Officer on emergency@hrcc.vic.gov.au

Municipal Fire Management Plan

The Horsham Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) includes members from DELWP, CFA and Horsham Rural City Council. The committee is supported at a regional level by the Grampians Strategic Fire Management Planning Committee and at a State level by the State Fire Management Planning Committee.

A key responsibility of the MFMPC is the development of a Municipal Fire Management Plan.

This plan describes how regional authorities, local government, fire agencies and other relevant organisations can work together to effectively anticipate, respond to and recover from bushfire events affecting the Horsham Municipality.

Municipal Relief and Recovery Plan

The Horsham Municipal Relief and Recovery Plan sets out a plan for recovery following an emergency in Horsham Rural City.

The Plan aims to assist and involve the community in returning to an effective level of functioning after an emergency. 

This Plan is currently under review and will be made publicly available once the review is complete.

Any enquiries relating to Relief and Recovery can be directed to the Municipal Recovery Manager on (03) 5382 9777.

Emergency Animal Welfare Support Plan

The four Partner Councils who make up the Wimmera Emergency Management Resource Sharing Program (WEMRSP) - Hindmarsh, Horsham, West Wimmera and Yarriambiack are vulnerable to a number of hazards that impact their area and may affect the welfare of domestic animals (pets), livestock and wildlife.

The area of the four municipalities is home to a large number of domestic animals, livestock and wildlife.  The area is also traversed by major highways, which carry livestock in large volumes on a daily basis.

This Emergency Animal Welfare Support Sub-Plan(PDF, 850KB) complements the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) of each Partner Council.

The focus of this sub-plan is to prescribe the municipal coordination arrangements that exist to support agencies which have a responsibility for emergency animal welfare support, this includes:

  1. Domestic Animals (pets) – Local Government
  2. Livestock – Dept. for Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources (DJPR)
  3. Wildlife – Dept. of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP)

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