Maternal and Child Health

Kalkee Road Hub

Free service available to all families with a child aged from birth to six

It includes a series of regular health checks with a qualified Maternal and Child Health Nurse.

MCH Nurses are registered general nurses and midwives with specialised training in Maternal and Child Health.

The service aims to promote the health and wellbeing of children and provide information and support.  

  • Assessment of your child's growth and development
  • Appropriate referral to other health agencies, specialist services and support - if necessary
  • Health and early parenting information
  • Linkages to community resources to meet your family's needs
  • Bringing families together, fostering social networks, supporting playgroups and strengthening local community connections

After a baby is born, the hospital or midwife will notify the MCH Service. A MCH Nurse will contact the new mum and arrange to visit her and her baby at home.

After this initial home visit a series of follow up appointments will be scheduled as the baby develops. The service provides a schedule of contacts and activities for all families, with an emphasis on prevention, promotion, early detection and intervention for health and wellbeing. A total of ten free MCH appointments are recommended over a four-year period.

Maternal and Child Health Services are located at 24 Kalkee Road, Horsham. Phone (03) 5382 9530.

The MCH nurse may refer families who are experiencing difficulties to the Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Service for added, specialist care. This is also provided free of charge.  

Support is also available through the 24-hour Maternal and Child Health Line (13 22 29).