General Grant Information


When Council Auspices a Grant

Before deciding to auspice a grant application on behalf of a community organisation, Council will consider the project's benefit to the community, financial risk and alignment to the Council Plan and other plans such as community plans. Council is under no obligation to auspice a grant.  If Council decides to auspice a grant on your organisation's behalf, Council will have ultimate responsibility for grant management and a number of key steps need to occur.  Refer to the Horsham Rural City Council Grant Resource Kit(PDF, 189KB) for further information.


Useful Websites

Grants and other funding programs are available from the Australian and Victorian governments. You can search for grants in many categories, including innovation, employment and environment. Please follow the links below:

Grants Victoria Website

Australian Government Grant Finder Website 

Demographic Information

When writing a grant application, the following websites contain Demographic Information that may help support your grant proposal: 


If you require assistance, please contact Susan Surridge, Co-ordinator Community Relations and Advocacy on 5382 9776 or