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NOTE:  On Christmas Day and Good Friday your bin needs to be out before 6:00 am on the business day prior to your normal collection day.

Garbage Schedules

NEW - Council will be scheduling and additional service on the morning of Tuesday the 20th of August. This additional service is part of a new program of regular evaluation of kerbside waste and recycling collection services. If you have any enquiries regarding this matter please call  Council on 5382 9777.

You can also view these schedules using Council's Community Map

Use of your bin

  • The bin may be used for small "handyman" and gardens wastes, as well as normal household and kitchen wastes; however, it should not be overloaded or used for disposal of recyclables
  • Bin lid must be closed
  • Wrap in paper all waste which decomposes, or place it in tied plastic bags
  • DO NOT overload the bin. It will be difficult for it to move or lift. Overloaded bins WILL NOT be cleared (50kg max). Bricks, masonary, soil, dirt or steel MUST NOT be placed in bin. Bins containing this waste will not be cleared
  • DO NOT compress the rubbish or prevent the closure of the fly proof lid. If rubbish is compressed it will not clear in the collection hopper
  • DO NOT place hot liquids or ashes, solvents, paint oil or any other flammable or aggressive chemicals in bin. Liquids or offensive materials or chemical drums must not be disposed of by this service.
  • Grass liquids should be placed in the bin prior to collection day. The ferment in warm weather and of placed at bottom of bin; they may not clear during collection.
  • Regular cleaning of the inside of the bin is best achieved by using soapy water and an old broom.
  • It is unlikely that you will have more than one (1) bin full, but if you do, you should save some for the following week. Separate plastic bags, boxes etc, CAN NOT be collected. If more than one (1) bin is required, please contact Council and a second garbage charge to your property and second bin can be arranged.

Bin Placement

Bin to be placed clear of obstacles on nature strip or road shoulder about in line with guideposts with "handles to house". If possible, place your bin near your neighbours. 

Placing your garbage and recycling bins in the correct position on the street makes them easily accessible for bin collectors. Incorrect placement may lead to your bin being unable to be emptied.

Correct Bin Placement Video

In the video above, the bins in the first example have been placed TOO CLOSE together. Therefore, the hydraulic arm of the rubbish truck pushes the recycling bin further away from the kerb making it difficult for the recycling truck to pick-up.

In the second example, the resident has spaced them perfectly, ensuring the bin has been emptied.

To ensure your bins are emptied correctly and on your collection day, you need to:

  • Keep a minimum of 50 cm clear between bins
  • Keep bins 1 metre from any obstacle such as parked cars, letter boxes, power poles and street trees
  • Place bins on the kerbside the night before or before 6:00 am on collection day
  • Place each bin in the right direction, that is, wheels towards the house
  • Be sure your waste is not packed too tightly and keep your bin's weight under 50kg
  • Don't overfill your bin. Make sure the bin lid can close
  • Place the right materials in the right bins 
  • Make sure your bins are placed close to the kerb line on the nature strip

 Recyclable materials such as papers, glass and cans should be kept separately in recycle bin. If a recycle bin is needed, please contact the OperationsDepot on 5382 9600 or fill in this form. Please recycle as much waste as possible.

Receiving your bin

Council is pleased to be able to distribute a standard 240 litre bin to each property requesting a service on the established Rural and Urban collection routes. An alternate 120 litre bin is available on request. The charge for this collection is set by Council and is for the clearance of one (1) bin per week. If additional bins are required, these will be charged at the same rate. 

  • Each bin has a serial number, and this number is recorded against your property at the Council Offices to enable tracing in the event of theft or loss
  • The bin is not transferable and must remain at the property in the event of you moving or relocating to another address
  • Please refrain from numbering or defecting the bin (if you find it necessary, a small identification sticker could be placed inside the lid)
  • In the event of loss, damage, theft, defect or any concerns with the service, please contact the Operations Depot on 5382 9600 or fill in this form. Please note that charges will apply if the bin is deliberately damaged or stolen unless satisfactory explanation is given by the ratepayer
  • The bin remains the property of the HRCC and minor maintenance will be carried out on request 

Storage and Care

  • The bin should be stored in a shady area in your property, on a flat surface and should be kept clean
  • Please return the bin to your property after collection as soon as possible. Bins should be left on the nature-strip or road shoulder, near your driveway for collection purposes only
  • Deliberate damage or theft in bins may result in Council not re-issuing units to particular premises and discontinuing the service or taking legal action
  • In rural areas where the household may be a considerable distance from the road, its may be to your advantage to leave the bin near your entrance and only place it out for collection on collection days
  • Regular washing of your bin will keep it fresh and it is recommended especially during the warmer periods

Request a new garbage or recycling bin

If you have built a new premises and require a garbage and recycling service for your property, you are entitled to one garbage bin (either 120 L or 240 L) and one free recycling bin (240 L).  

Please contact us on (03) 5382 9777 or fill in request form below to arrange delivery.

Request a new bin

Request an additional garbage or recycling bin

Residents are entitled to more than one service at each property. Please contact us on (03) 5382 9777 or fill in request form below to arrange delivery.

Additional garbage bins incur a fee and are based on the type and number of additional bins you require. Additional recycling bins are at no cost. 

Request an additional bin

Request to upsize or down size of your bin

Residents are entitled to either upsize their bin from a 120L bin to a 240L bin or downsize their bin from a 240L to a 120L bin once a year. 

Either a reduction of rates, or increase in rates will occur, depending on which option you choose at a prorata rate. Please contact us on (03) 5382 9777 or fill in request form below.

Request bin size change

Report your garbage bin or recycling bin as damaged

If you have an existing bin that is damaged please contact us on (03) 5382 9777 or fill in request form below and we will investigate.

Bin repairs such as fixing damaged lids, hinges, wheels and axles are free of charge. Replacing damaged bins will be charged at the discretion of the Council officer inspecting your case. 

Report bin as damaged

Report garbage or recycling bin as stolen

If your bin is stolen please contact us on (03) 5382 9777 or fill in request form below and we will investigate.

Replacing stolen bins can however, incur a fee.

Report bin as stolen