Council Assistance


Council Assistance

Horsham Rural City Councils Economic Development Unit has a role to strengthen, enhance and further diversify the existing economic, tourism and industrial base in Horsham Rural City through a strategic and collaborative approach, which leads to sustainable growth that improves the wealth and wellbeing of the community.

The Economic Development Unit is focussed on supporting existing businesses in the City and improving the standard of living for the community.

There is also an objective to further diversify the local economy to create greater resilience. Horsham’s role as a regional city in the broader Wimmera sees it well-placed to accommodate growth in public service industries such as health and education, as well as industries that develop more organically through an increase in population and activity such as retail, food and accommodation services, entertainment and recreation, construction and professional services.

These objectives have been captured in the Horsham Economic Development Strategy 2017-2021.

Wimmera Business Centre

The Wimmera Business Centre is a Small Business Incubator that offers tenancy to start up any home based businesses, as well as offering business advice, services and assistance to small and micro businesses. A wide range of workshops are offered to businesses through the assistance of Small Business Victoria and other resources.

By providing a nurturing environment, the Centre offers financial buffers through subsidised rent (below market rates) and utility costs as well as full business mentoring services. The Wimmera Business Centre was established to assist businesses in their establishment phase and grow their market and client base.