Native Vegetation

In Victoria, a permit is required in order to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation. This includes native trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses. These regulations are known as the native vegetation permitted clearing regulations.

Clause 52.17 identifies what native vegetation removal triggers a permit or what is exempt, subject to any other Overlay.

Regulations relating to the removal of native vegetation were reviewed in 2015. Changes to the regulations and Planning Schemes came into affect on 12 December 2017. Information regarding the changes will be provided on this website shortly. Further information on the changes can be found on the link below.

Reporting illegal removal of native vegetation

Horsham Rural City Council is the responsible authority for administering and enforcing the planning scheme under which native vegetation is protected. There are penalties for the illegal removal of native vegetation.

To report suspected illegal native vegetation please contact Council’s Town Planning Department on 5382 9798 or via email at