Download Forms and Information Sheets


Download information sheets and forms

Information sheets

Guidelines Shed Exemptions(PDF, 492KB)
Carport, garage or shed(PDF, 248KB)
Demolish or remove a building(PDF, 318KB)
Extension or alteration(PDF, 933KB)
Swimming pool(PDF, 259KB)
New dwelling and re-erection(PDF, 268KB)
Office building (PDF, 264KB)

Form downloads

Building Permit fees(PDF, 440KB)
Property information request(DOC, 242KB)
Building Permit application(DOCX, 103KB)
Application for Occupancy Permit(DOC, 260KB)
S29A - Request for report and consent to proposed demolition  Printable Version
Authorisation to inspect building information(PDF, 86KB)
Building control investigation request   Printable Version
Prior Damage Report(PDF, 384KB)
Application for Farm Shed Exemption(PDF, 389KB)