When you submit a Planning Permit application for development, building or extension to an existing building, we require copies of certain plans to help us assess your application. The more information provided up front, the faster we can process your application.

  • One copy of the plans (at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200). These are especially required for applications requiring building works approval
  • One set of full plans on A3 paper must be supplied when lodging plans with your application
  • An electronic version, PDF copy
Site plan

A site plan is a birds-eye view which shows your existing and proposed development, and the position to boundaries and neighbouring developments.

The site plan should show all structures, existing and proposed on the site, and any other features such as vegetation, car parking, driveways and crossovers. The plan should be fully dimensioned showing length of boundaries and walls, site levels, the distances between existing and proposed buildings, and the property boundaries and adjoining walls should also be provided. The plans should distinguish clearly between existing and proposed structures and features.

Floor plan

A floor plan is a birds-eye view of the existing and proposed structures in your development. It should show the layout of the building, its relationship to existing buildings, the location and dimensions of walls, windows and doors, and the use of each room and area within the building.

Elevation plans

Elevation plans are side on-views of your proposed development. Elevations of all four sides (north, south, east and west) should accompany your application.

The plans should show:

  • Details of construction materials
  • The height and length of walls
  • The dimensions of windows and their height above ground level

For confirmation on what other documentation may be required for your development application, please contact Council’s Town Planning Department on 5382 9798 or